A. W. Firth Antique Restorations, Antique Clocks & Barometer sales, Glossop, Derbyshire.

This website was last updated 9th April 2024
table before restorationtable after restoration

The pictures above show a L/Case dial, and a clock case, before and after restoration

Who we are

  A W Firth Restorations, are a small, independent, antique clock/barometer and furniture restorers based in Hadfield, Derbyshire.

We specialize in and carry out all our own antique clock restorations to movements, clock cases, & cabinet restoration, silver & painted dials are a speciality, plus many other types of general furniture repairs.

Restoration products & clock hands

  Many of the Restoration Products used on a regular basis in our own workshop are manufactured by ourselves some of which are available along with 90 + different sizes and designs of Steel and Brass Clock Hands for Long case, Bracket and Dial Clocks etc, also a great number of various Tools, Keys and Accessories, all of which can be purchased directly on the following website  www.awf-clocks.co.uk/

  To make an enquiry regarding clock hands etc: please email Andrew directly with all the relevant details & any pictures, along with your Name & Tel No, and contact details to,      afirth7@yahoo.co.uk     for all general enquires please contact one of the following Tel No's,    07967557651 or 07920841377     you can also find us and place an order on eBay at    awf- clocks   click "Items for sale" and you will see all our latest items.

  For enquires on Barometers, we also supply and or fit new syphon tubes for Sheraton, + 4 & 5 glass wheel Barometers, including guide tubes, floats, counterweights + many other various Barometer spares, also for stick Barometers in almost any size, + restoration for casings and cabinet work also Architectural and Swan Neck Tops etc, again for all enquires please use any of the contact methods above. 

Antique Items for Sale and what we do

   We have a range of items for sale including Longcase (Grandfather) clocks, Wall clocks, American, Bracket clocks, to name but a few, and also Barometers  Please see the "Inventory List" on the left.

   If what you are looking for is not listed please contact us as we may be currently restoring an item similar to your requirements or otherwise be able to help you.

   Whilst your here, take a look at the picture gallery on the before and after page, you will then have a better idea of what we are capable off, we also like to think that nothing is beyond hope, our experience with furniture restoration can also be seen here with the furniture and wall panelling restoration carried out for & on behalf of the Royal Lancashire Fusiliers Bury Lancashire.

Moon calendar

   This may be useful to you, using the calendar below you will now be able to set your moon phase dial to the correct position on your own clock/s appropriate for where you live in the world, don't forget to make the alteration of Northern or Southern Hemispheres (you can also find out what phase the moon was the day that you were born!!!).

Knowing other Trades

Jack Badger

    Very good friends of mine Ben & his Dad Dominic Naylor are the proprietors of Jack Badger Joinery, specialists in Oak Joinery and Stone Masonry in Glossop Derbyshire, which was formed in 2009, since then, they have won several competitions and have carried out many prestigious aspects of work all over the UK, some of which can be seen here on the site below.

   Jack Badger Carpentry and Masonry,         have a browse, I can assure you, that you will not be disappointed.

All enquiries you may have regarding your own items, please use the contact page , even send a picture if you like so that we can have a better idea of what you may have and let's see if we can help.