About, A W Firth Restorations.

   Now a little about myself, then you will have a much better idea about me and what I do.

   I am Andrew Firth, 41 years of age and have carried out restoration work in Glossop Derbyshire also in and around the Manchester area off and on since the age of 13, when I worked for Mr Terry Lees of Derbyshire Clocks/Heirloom

   I say off and on for the simple reason, I was still at school at 13, so I was only working part-time at weekends, etc until the age of 16.

   On leaving school, I was very fortunate that Terry could take me on full time, where I served my apprenticeship, and I am pleased to say I've never looked back.

   At the age of 23, I decided that I would like to have a go on my own like most young lads do and also it enabled me to get into the big wide world, having parted amicably with Terry, to whom I shall always be eternally grateful and who incidentally, I also carried out all his cabinet work for until his retirement in 2015.

  So here I am with a reasonable wealth of knowledge behind me but with as much, if not much more still to learn. Please be my guest, and take a look through the website, via the Site Map if you wish, should you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

   For examples of any previous work that we have carried out, you can view the information Restoration Services along with the Before and after Pictures. For items that we have restored and now have for sale, please take a look in the inventory on the left.

Below is an easy access Map of where we are situated in the UK so please contact us for any further information you may require.

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All enquiries you may have regarding your own items, please use the contact page , even send a picture if you like so that we can have a better idea of what you may have and let's see if we can help.