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   Thank you for taking the time to browse our website. We trust and hope that you have found it as informative and interesting as it was for us in putting this together.

   Our aim is to try to instil confidence to you the customer and show to the best of our ability, how much is involved with clock and furniture restoration, any questions you have please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our opening hrs of the business are as follows Monday to Friday 9-00am till 5-00pm and occasionally Saturday morning, please by all means give us a ring first to see if were available with the Tel No's below.

   Whilst every care and attention has been given to all the pictures and information in this Website, both general information and for the sale of goods, we cannot be held responsible for any deviation that there may be, between any of the photographs seen here and the real item or items.

   All pictures and written information, within these web pages, has been given in good faith to the best of our knowledge and belief and was correct at the time of publication. The copyright of same remains the property of Andrew W Firth, proprietor of A W Firth Antique Restorations at all times.

   Should you wish to contact us by telephone rather than email, regarding any item on the Website or for further information relating to your own items, please do so on,

07967557651 or 07795550908

Note:  Sending of images using the form below is not possible, please contact us first by leaving your email address and or Telephone Number initially and upon our response to you, you will then be able to email any pictures via that email address.

We appologise for any inconvenience but thank you for your cooperation.

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