Fretwork and Marquetry

   The fretwork and marquetry that is involved with some of the items of furniture, as well as the clocks, gives me some of the greatest satisfaction in restoration, true I sometimes pull my hair out with parts of the work, but the satisfaction when the job is complete, to say the least, fabulous.

   Here are just a few of the samples of fretwork patterns, barley sugar, finial turnings and dental molding that I have had to manufacture, along with marquetry samples.

   Wood turnings of all descriptions, like the barley sugar pillar above, pillars for a long case hood or trunk, a single or set of finials, wooden bezel for a dial clock or a complete dial for a tavern clock or similar, some dials that we have made in the past have been 32" (812mm) + in diameter (decoration to be done by others), all these items and many more to numerous to mention, just use the Contact page and supply as much detail as you can, along with an email address and we will contact you so that you will be able to supply drawings for the item/s you may require, and we will get back to you with a price.

All enquiries you may have regarding your own items, please use the contact page , even send a picture if you like so that we can have a better idea of what you may have and let's see if we can help.