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Mercury & it's safe use in barometers

   We have been asked for our opinion on the rules/regulations when purchasing wheel and or stick barometers, due to the rules and regulations brought in by the EU in 2007.

   These types of barometers have been around since the 1640/50's and we do not know, or have we ever heard of anyone who has had a life threatening situation with one of these items unless the life threatening situation was that of being chased by their better half with one aloft in their hand.

   Various industries in times past, involved with mercury, have been a very different set of circumstances than that of having a Barometer within one's home.

   If you still have doubts and are in the need of reassurance, please go to the following website,  Charles Edwin Incorporated   where a great deal more information can be found.

   We think it has been well written by Charles Edwin in layman's term, who has had similar problems and is well versed on the subject, yes this article is about and in the USA appertaining to their rules not the EU/UK, but 99.9% of this information is just as appropriate and plain common sense and therefore must apply to anywhere in the world.