Aneroid Barometer

Aneroid Barometer Carved Oak, (Circa 1900)

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Item Number 002021


Oak carved aneroid barometer, (Circa 1900)

   Ornately carved, oak aneroid barometer and mercury thermometer, unassigned but possibly an Owen and Robinson Leeds, with carved leaf and scroll decoration throughout in medium oak.

   A matching oak framed and glass fronted box with cock bead mold to front edge, containing a mercury thermometer is mounted above the barometer dial.

   The barometer has bevel edged glass and is mounted into a polished brass bezel, both dials are ceramic and written in old English script.

This barometer has been fully restored, is in perfect working order and carries a 12 month guarantee.



  • Oak Carved, Barometer/Thermometer.
    Oak Carved, Barometer/Thermometer.
  • Oak Carved Barometer, Dial.
    Oak Carved Barometer, Dial.
  • Oak Carved Barometer, Dial & Carving.
    Oak Carved Barometer, Dial & Carving.
  • Oak Carved Barometer, Full Size (Circa1900).
    Oak Carved Barometer, Full Size (Circa1900).

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Below is an easy access Map of Leed's UK, where Owen and Robinson carried out their trade (Circa 1900 )

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