Tagliabue-Torre, London

Stick Barometer, by Tagliabue-Torre, London, 294 High Holburn, (Circa 1805)

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Item Number 005001


4¾" (120mm) Wide X 38½" (978mm) High, Scale 3¾" (96mm) Wide

Antique stick barometer by Tagliabue-Torre 294 High Holburn London (Circa 1805).

   Antique, stick barometer with mahogany chevron veneer to a yew trunk, capped with a broken architectural cornice pediment, above a silvered scale, registering 27 to 31 inches of mercury. Alongside and to the left is an alcohol thermometer which registers Fahrenheit only.

   All the silvered scale is engraved in Old English script and signed at the top right "Tagliabue-Torre, 294 High Holburn, London".

   The whole of the case is constructed from mahogany chevron veneer on a yew wood trunk, with fine cut moldings to form the Architectural pediment and centered by a small brass urn finial, below which is a small glazed door with brass flip catch to gain access to the silvered scale and vernier, this leads with a swept neck to the trunk below.

   Behind the surface mounted mercury tube, lies a full length herringbone mahogany veneer, with a stepped quadrant mold to each side, this terminates at the base, in the round form, with a mahogany cistern cover with a bone turned centre.

This barometer has been fully restored, in perfect working order and carries a 12 month guarantee.


  • Tagliabue-Torre, Silver Scale/Dial (Circa 1805).
    Tagliabue-Torre, Silver Scale/Dial (Circa 1805).
  • Tagliabue-Torre, Herringbone Veneer.
    Tagliabue-Torre, Herringbone Veneer.
  • Tagliabue-Torre London, Cistern Cover & Bone Center.
    Tagliabue-Torre London, Cistern Cover & Bone Center.
  • Tagliabue-Torre, London (Circa 1805).
    Tagliabue-Torre, London (Circa 1805).

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Below is an easy access Map of 294 High Holburn (Holburn), Camden, London UK, where Tagliabue-Torre, may have carried out his trade (Circa 1805).

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