Regulator drop dial clock

Regulator drop dial clock, Gebruder Meier Villingen (Circa1880)

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Item Number 002017


31" (789mm) High x 17" (432mm) Wide x 5" (127mm) Deep

Gebruder Meier Villingen German Regulator wall clock (Circa 1880)

   Walnut veneer, case regulator (Circa1880) retaining it's original finish with a traditional hexagonal solid walnut bezel, brass inner bezel, brass ringed winding holes and sight ring with a roman numeral, and minute marked 12" (305mm) dial.

   Spring driven 8 day time and strike movement on a gong, driven by an ebonised pendulum rod with a pressed, brass plate pendulum bob being fully adjustable, the case is in excellent condition.

   This item has now been fully restored and in excellent working order.
  • 12" (305mm) dial


  • Manufacturers monogram on dial.
    Manufacturers monogram on dial.
  • Centre brass bezel and ringed winding holes.
    Centre brass bezel and ringed winding holes.
  • Regulator full Dial.
    Regulator full Dial.
  • German regulator.
    German regulator.

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Below is an easy access Map of Villingen, Germany, where the Gebruder Meier Villingen factory, carried out their trade (Circa 1880).

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