Vienna Regulator Lenzkirch Walnut,

Vienna Regulator Lenzkirch Walnut (Circa1916/17)

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49½ " (1258mm) H x 16½ " (414mm) W x 8" (204mm) D

Lenzkirch Walnut Vienna Regulator (Circa 1916/17).

    A Lenzkirch Vienna Regulator with Architectural top design, in a restrained polished walnut case, an eight day movement with enamel dial striking on a gong.

   This Lenzkirch quality movement is driven by a wooden ebonised rod pendulum with a fully adjustable brass faced bob, (enamel beat marker to the case) and two brass weights.

   The movement has a deadbeat escapement with maintaining power, striking the hours and half hour on a gong and is stamped on the rear of the movement  with the No 866413 indicating that it dates between 1916/17.

   The white enamel on copper two piece dial has centre and outer brass rings to denote the chapter, with Roman numerals spade shaped blued steel hands and brass ringed winding holes.

   A solid walnut case which has an Architectural top with a small blind fret to the front canopy, wooden molded capitols surmount the stop fluted rectangular section pillars, which are to each side of the full length glass door, each finishing on a raised panel plinth, behind which are full length glass panels to each side.

   All the above is seated on a bolection mold, below which is a large veneered ogee shaped plinth which terminates to a small ball shaped turned finial.

   While many old clocks have considerable appeal aesthetically and mechanically, few can equal for household use that of the well designed Lenzkirch Vienna Regulator with it’s fairly long visible pendulum, clear porcelain dial, delicate hands, and well made but delicate walnut case with slim lines and restrained decoration.

The above item has been sympathetically restored and carries a twelve month guarantee

   The Black Forest has been the site of much clock making for a long time. In 1851 the Uhrenfabrick Lenzkirch firm was founded in the valley village of Lenzkirch in Baden not far from the Swiss border.

   Of all the firms that eventually produced the Regulator style of clock in Germany, the Lenzkirch factory maintained a particular fine reputation. As late as the 1920’s the firm was still producing excellent watchmaker’s regulators like the one shown above with compensated pendulums and finely finished movements.

   They were then taken over by Junghans and the factory was closed in 1932.


  • Lenzkirch, Walnut Vienna Regulator Architectural Head.
    Lenzkirch, Walnut Vienna Regulator Architectural Head.
  • Lenzkirch Walnut, Vienna Regulator Dial.
    Lenzkirch Walnut, Vienna Regulator Dial.
  • Lenzkirch, Walnut,Vienna Regulator Pendulum.
    Lenzkirch, Walnut,Vienna Regulator Pendulum.
  • Lenzkirch Walnut, Vienna Regulator Base Plinth.
    Lenzkirch Walnut, Vienna Regulator Base Plinth.
  • Lenzkirch, Walnut Vienna Regulator (Circa 1880/1900)
    Lenzkirch, Walnut Vienna Regulator (Circa 1880/1900)

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Below is a map of Lenzkirch where these particular Regulator clocks were possibly made (Circa 1880/1900).

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