Dutch Walnut Staartklok Clock

Dutch Walnut Staartklok clock (Circa 1850)

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Item Number 002006


53" High

Dutch Staartklok (Circa 1850)

   This wall hanging Dutch Staartklok clock Circa 1850 was found in completely original condition in a company boardroom having not been seen for more than 60 years.

   Upon purchasing, it has now been fully restored in our workshop.

   A handsome polished red ornate walnut case, with a shaped slide-down lower body, with the original carved gilded figures of Atlantis to the centre, between two trumpeting angels to the cresting of the hood which houses the beautiful painted dial with a Dutch country scene comprising of a windmill, boats etc in the arch and brass four seasons spandrels surmounting the corners of the dial.

   Original, ornately cut brass hands to the centre, with Arabic and Roman numerals around the dial. Glass panels also to the sides of the hood, with ebonised and Corinthian brass capped pillars to the hood, which also houses the 30 hour chain driven, turned posted movement with bell strike and alarm work, striking the hours and half hours.

   On the face of the shaped slender trunk are the brass weights with which to drive the clock movement and alarm, also set with a cast brass medallion pendulum aperture, depicting Father Time at low level, with which to view the pendulum.

The above item has been sympathetically restored.


  • Dutch Staartklok Finials
    Dutch Staartklok Finials
  • Dutch Staartklok Dial & Finials
    Dutch Staartklok Dial & Finials
  • Dutch Staartklok Dial Only
    Dutch Staartklok Dial Only
  • Dutch Staartklok Brass Pendulum Aperture
    Dutch Staartklok Brass Pendulum Aperture
  • Dutch Staartklok Full size
    Dutch Staartklok Full size

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