Clock Cabinet Work Restoration Services.

   Antique Long case Clocks, Barometers and various forms of Furniture we have now been working on for over 17 years and consider that clock restoration is without doubt our forte.

   The experience I have gained so far has been Immeasurable and has now enabled me to manufacture new cases, for movements that have been separated from their original case by whatever means, all of which is crucial in order to guide and advise into the best course of action and design for a new case and advise the most suitable way of restoration for your clock.

   I enjoy the fact that each clock is different, likewise the restoration is too, so no two jobs are the same. Clock cases differ from being quite simple to the most elaborate in decoration and manufacture, but equally it is the satisfaction that I get when the restoration is completed and it has brought these items back to life.

   Objects that are generally missing are fretwork, finials, pillars and carvings but most of all, pieces of moldings which sometimes are only identified as missing through close inspection, we can also manufacture wooden bezels for dial clocks and tavern clocks even up to 30inches (762mm) diameter.

      The lack of a good waxing, as shown in the Before and after Pictures, is possibly the wrong polish or lack of it, or bleaching of the wood by the sun, even all of these may have taken place, leaving items insipid, unpleasant and unattractive to the eye which  greatly reduces their value in the long term, these are just some of the main reasons that restoration is required.

   This is why each item needs to be discussed with you the customer, which in turn will bring about a general estimate for the time and costs of the work to be carried out.

   Each item requires careful consultation before the work is carried out, when all said and done, it is you the customer who has the choice as to how you would like your antique items to look when completed, all I can do is advise on the best course of action.

All enquiries you may have regarding your own items, please use the contact page , even send a picture if you like so that we can have a better idea of what you may have and let's see if we can help.