Restoration Services, Cabinet Work.

   "How much restoration do we carry out on a piece of furniture or a clock" we are asked many times, the answer of course lies with the individual item on how much time will be required.

   Most items of furniture like clocks, also need that sympathetic touch.

   I would like to think that I make an item look like it has been cared for throughout its life, as some items although they may have been used for many years are still going strong, but prior to restoration are looking very tired and in some cases well worn, past their time and maybe ready for the scrap heap

Andy restoring table (before the hard work)   We look at it like this, if it was a Bugatti or an E Type Jaguar for instance, or a similar item, in a disastrous state that had just been found in a damp garage or building after 60 years or so, what would you do, throw them on the scrap heap with the "useless and will not work again attitude" give them a flick over with a duster to try to make them look nice but still unusable, or restore them to their former glory as if they had just been made yesterday for everyone to enjoy, especially yourself, family and others to enjoy and admire.

  We are only caretakers of any of these antique items for a short period of time, within our own personal lifetime for 50 to 60 years or so, yet some of them are already 500+ years old, surely it is only right that we should look after them as best we can, as for a short time we are all part of this ongoing history in the making in order that we can pass these items on for many more generations to come.

All enquiries you may have regarding your own items, please use the contact page , even send a picture if you like so that we can have a better idea of what you may have and let's see if we can help.